Our Company

Transaher is a leading company in the transport and logistics sector. We offer flexible and customized supply chain management solutions.

What services does Transaher provide?

We offer the most complete range of transportation and logistics services and work with all types of sectors. We are experts in adapting to a constantly evolving environment to meet the changing needs of our customers. We are also committed to simple and sustainable processes, driven by state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing traceability.

Our History

Our beginnings

Transaher’s history began in 1985, when the company was founded with few resources and a lot of illusion. From having warehouses only in Madrid and Barcelona, in the last 35 years we have not stopped opening branches and new routes, becoming one of the most important transport networks in the Iberian Peninsula, with service in the islands and even international routes.

Specialization in logistics

In 1989 we had our first logistics customer, a pioneering experience that was a decisive step for Transaher to become a leading company in this demanding sector.

Transaher today

We currently have a highly qualified staff that allows us to offer tailor-made services to our customers, as well as a modern fleet of vehicles, quality facilities and a wide range of services. a strong investment in technology that places us at the head of the sector by turnover, but above all, and more importantly, by illusion.

Our Values

Our objective:

Identify and guarantee the best solutions for each client, in a totally personalized way and guaranteeing the highest profitability. We only settle for excellence.

Our commitment:

  • Always looking for our customer’s satisfaction.
  • Offer customized, flexible services.
  • To give the highest degree of security and confidence.
  • Establish a personalized and human relationship with our customers.
  • Innovation in all communication and management processes.
  • Training of our personnel to achieve maximum competence.

Transaher in figures



in Spain and Portugal


active clients

satisfied with our work



attending to all processes



of distribution and long distance


of storage

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