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Sectoral approach

Faced with a challenge, you give your best, and you need someone with you who is at the same level, a partner to accompany you in success and adversity. You demand the best.

At Transaher we adapt to a constantly evolving environment where society is progressing and driving change. A globalised world, increasingly connected from any point to anywhere.

Connected, accessible, close, flexible, strong and committed but also focused on your business and its real needs.

Transaher provides service and is present in the main market sectors, offering special solutions for every need.

Our Smart Focus Sector Solutions

  • Smart Automotive Solutions.
  • Smart Food Solutions.
  • Smart Consumer Goods Solutions.
  • Smart Electronics Solutions.
  • Smart Fashion and Retail Solutions.
  • Smart Pharmaceutical and Healthcare solutions.
  • Smart E-commerce & Home Delivery Solutions.
  • Smart ADR solutions.


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