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Quality policy

Transaher Group is an organization dedicated to logistics solutions and aimed at clients seeking the most complete offer of transport and storage services. The goal of Transaher Group is to offer a quality service by seeking personalised customer solutions seeking greater profitability in logistics management.


The activity that GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. considers in accordance with the quality required under the Standard International ISO 9001 is:



The Transaher Group Management wants to express through this document the general principles that govern the activities carried out in the provision of our service, as well as express their commitment to ensure the quality of the services it executes in order to obtain the customers’ satisfaction.


This statement of Quality Policy aims to make known to both workers, customers, suppliers and all interested parties that require it, the commitment to transparency, honesty and flexibility in the services provided by Transaher Group to its clients.


This policy is based on the following basic principles:
• Comply with legal requirements and other requirements that apply to the organization and the service offered, as well as the compliance with customer’s requirements.
• Provide a maximum quality service identifying the best solutions for each client in a way that is active and personalised.
• Innovate in all communication and management processes and optimise the business process in order to eliminate non-quality costs.
• Define objectives to optimise service quality and systematically measure effectiveness and process efficiency in order to achieve these objectives.
• Maintain and improve a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard that ensures compliance with this policy through process approach, the continuous improvement of it and risk-based thinking.
• Promote employees’ quality of life, providing a satisfactory working environment and conditions.
• Ensure that all employees are competent to fulfil their obligations promoting a sense of responsibility in relation to the Quality of the activities developed, providing training and improving their level of competence.
• Select and evaluate suppliers that meet the requirements of our Quality System.
• Commit ourselves to the protection of the environment including the prevention of pollution, the sustainable use of resources and an adaptation to climate change.


Head of Quality Management                                                                             Date: May 02, 2018.  Edition: 7