Legal Notice


First.- Credentials:

In compliance with the required information stated in article 10 of the law 34/2002 on the 11th July by the Information Services Society and Electronic Commerce, GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L., as owner of the following website: , hereby informs the reader of the information and data as stipulated by said law:

Corporate name: GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L.

Corporate code: B78147758

Trading Certificate Registration Details: Volume 10.718, Page 124, Section 8, Sheet M: 169611, Entry 14.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Corporate address: Avenida de Europa, número 9, 28821 Coslada (Madrid).

This information complies and regulates the conditions of use, the limitations of responsibility and obligations of the user visiting the website under the domain;, that are to be respected by the user.

Second.- Definitions:

“Website”, means the website (homepage and underlying webpages) that is available to Internet users.

“User”, a physical person or legal entity that uses, visits or navigates through the website.

“Content”, the webpages that form and are under the domain:, which contain the information and services that the owner of the website makes available to internet users. The webpages contain messages, text, photos, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, sound files and/or image files, recordings, software, layout, graphic design, font codes and source codes and, in general, any type of material contained in each page.

“Web”, word to describe the system to access information via the internet, that is configured by pages made in HTML or similar, and programing formats such as java, JavaScript, PHP, u otros, etc… In these pages designed and published under an internet domain are the results of the information that the owner makes accessible to internet users.

“Hyperlink”, the ability to navigate through different webpages, or the internet with one simple click on text, icons, buttons or any area containing a link.

“Cookies”, the traceability and tracking of internet navigation. Small text files that are downloaded onto the user’s computer. No cookies are used to navigate this web page. If in the future the owner of this website decides to use cookies, website users will be informed in a timely manner in compliance with the accepted usage policy.

Third.- Conditions of use:

The simple and mere use of the webpage, means the user agrees to comply with these terms in the Legal Notice and all relevant and applicable laws, regardless whether an individual or legal entity. If the user does not agree to these terms, then the user must refrain from using this site.

1.1.- Some site content and services via this site offered by GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. may be available depending and based on the users registration or subscription, such as access to the services and articles database. The subscription/registration is governed by the general policy and terms.


The conditions of access and use of the website are strictly governed by the relevant and applicable laws and on the principle of good faith.


The user is obligated and commits to using the website and its contents according to law, the Legal Notice and all other notices or instructions made available to the user, through this Legal Notice or in any other location throughout the website, including general rules and standards of use and good moral conduct. Therefore, the user is obligated to and commits to NOT using this website and its content for illicit means, prohibited in the Legal Notice or according to law, the rights and interests of third parties.

The user undertakes to make appropriate use of the content and services of the website, including, but not limited, to not broadcast, transmit or make available to third parties any information or content from the website, such as, text, data, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, illustrations, sound files, image files, photos, recordings, software, logos, trademarks,  icons, technology, photos, software, hyperlinks, graphic design, font codes, or any other material made available to the user.

Specifically GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L., prohibits the following:

1.1.1- Any actions that can damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or impede in any way the normal use of the contents, the IT team or documents, files and all content stored directly by or contracted by GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L., other users or any other internet user (hardware y software).

1.1.2.- The distribution of without authorization, of publicity or commercial information, directly or concealed, in many copies of the same message/email “spamming” or sending a massive amount of emails with the intention of blocking or crashing servers (“mail bombing”).

In addition, in accordance to this, the user cannot:

1.1.3.- Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or in any other way communicate publicly, transform or modify the contents, unless they have specific written consent by the owner of the site.

1.1.4.- Delete, manipulate, or in any way alter the copyright and other identifying data which identify the reservation of rights belonging to the website owner or owners, fingerprints or any other technical means provided for recognition purposes.

1.1.5.- The user must refrain from obtaining or even trying to obtain information or content through means or procedures other than those that, where appropriate, have been placed at their disposal or have been indicated on the web pages where content is found or, in general, commonly used on the Internet for these purposes, provided that it does not involve a risk of disabling or rendering useless the portal, services and / or content.

1.2.- Grupo Transaher can stop or interrupt Access at any time to its website if it has detected that the user has used the site in a manner which contradicts the Legal Notice, legislation, good faith clause or any general conditions of use.

This Legal Notice is subject to change and updates at any given time therefore the version disclosed by the owner of the website may be different each time the user accesses the portal/ homepage. Therefore the user should read the Legal Notice each time they access the webpage.

Fourth.- Responsibility

The contents of this website have been created and included by GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L., using external and internal sources in such a way that GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. only holds responsibility for contents created and produced internally.

The provider will not be responsible or liable for any information published on their website that has been altered or added by any third party.

Users may be redirected to third party websites. This is due to the fact that the provider cannot always control the content added by third parties. The provider will not be responsible or liable for any third party content. However the provider will proactively remove immediately any content that contravenes national or international legislation, public morals and order, this will result in the immediate removal of the redirection onto such websites and notifying the authority competent in dealing with such websites.

 The provider is not responsible or liable for information and content stored in (including without limitation), in blogs, chats, wikis, comments, social networking pages or any other media or means that allows third parties to publish independent content on the website.

 In spite of compliance with articles 11 and 16 from the LSSICE, the provider is at the disposition of all users, authorities, and security measures and collaborates in an proactive manner in the removal or in certain cases, blocking all content that can affect or contradict legislation, the rights of third parties, public moral and order. In the event that the user feels that there is some content on the website that may be subject to this classification, he or she is asked to notify the website administrator immediately.

Fifth.- Intellectual and industrial property.

GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. is a registered trademark. It is prohibited to use the trademark Grupo Transaher in anyway, which includes the name and logo, unless consent is given in writing by Grupo Transaher.

All rights are reserved.

The website and its contents are property of GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. The intellectual property rights extend to not only to the contents and web address, but also to the logo, design, images, textures, graphics and all other content such as the code used for programming, all are protected under the consolidated intellectual property law approved by legislative royal decree 1/1996, 2nd April and Spanish legislation as well as current international legislation regarding copy write. reserves the rights to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, maintain, censor, sales, hire, loan and any other intellectual property rights that correspond with the content of  www.transaher.esprohibiting those rights not granted by GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L.

Under no circumstances will,  be responsible for any possible infringements of intellectual property rights that any client or customer may commit.  

Sixth- Severability

In case any clause in this document is declared void, the other clauses shall remain valid bearing in mind the parties’ intent and actual purpose of these terms of use. GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L., may not be able to exercise some of the rights authorities conferred in this document, this does not waiver or renounce the rights unless specifically expressed and recognised by Grupo Transaher.

Seventh.- Security

The website uses security methods that are generally accepted in industry, such as firewalls, Access controls, all tools to prevent unauthorised access to personal data granted by you, we inform the user that internet security methods are not impregnable. To achieve the level of security indicated, the user/client accepts that the provider will obtain data authenticated by the access controls.

Eighth- Electronic Communications.

The handling of personal data and the process of communicating by electronic means adhere to the regulations established in the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, Data Protection Acts 34/2002, 11th July, Social Information Services and e-commerce.

In all electronic publicity communications GRUPO TRANSAHER, S.L. appears at the start of the message, the Word "PUBLI" or "publicidad" and the individual or group is clearly identified by name.

Those website users that specifically ask can be excluded from this service in a simple and free manner,

(c) Clicking on a link that allows you to cancel which will be in each email.

Ninth.-  IP addresses`

The website servers can automatically detect the IP address and the name of the address used by the user. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the internet. All of this information is registered in a file on the server to primarily create statistics that allow an understanding of how many webpages are printed, number of website visitors, the order of visits, points of access etc.



Tenth- Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use are governed by Spanish laws. Which are competent to resolve any matter or dispute arising in connection with these general terms of use, submitting to the courts and tribunals in Madrid, the user renounces any other jurisdiction that may apply.